The glasses will come with built-in cameras

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Snapchat is one of the most popular applications out there with millions of users recording videos and sharing them with their friends. Snapchat has just announced that it changed its company name to Snap Inc. and launched a new product, called Spectacles.

The new Spectacles do resemble Google Glasses in some way, as they come with built-in cameras and have the possibility to record videos. The glasses will be released in the US in December and will cost about $130.

Spectacles will come with the option to record 10-second clips that could be sent to smartphones via Bluetooth or WiFi. The camera has a wider lens than the one found on smartphones, with a 115-degree angle and it has the possibility to record circular videos that are later stored in the Snapchat app for viewing and sharing.

Spectacles will be available in three colors

An LED indicator mounted on the Spectacles will let others know that the glasses are recording. Videos can be played in a circle in the app and, when made fullscreen, they take up the entire display and the video remains stationary, regardless of how the phone is held.

The glasses will be made available in three colors, black, teal and coral, and the battery is said to last for an entire day of video recording. Spectacles will also come with a case which can be used for charging them. It’s worth mentioning that they have a very fashionable design that will surely appeal to consumers and become a very popular accessory.

Google had a similar attempt at making smart glasses popular on the market. However, the company stopped making Google Glasses in January 2015, although they were more sophisticated and complex than Snapchat’s Spectacles. Google Glasses had the possibility to deliver news, messages and calls directly to the user’s field of view and sold for a price of about $1,500.

Snapchat Spectacles (4 Images)

Snapchat's Spectacles
Spectacles in teal colorSpectacles in black color
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