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Kickstarter is certainly the place to find all sort of innovative ideas that compete to raise money and make their appearance on the market. One such project is Sgnl. The abbreviation from the word “signal” does give a clue about this project’s strengths.

Sgnl is a smart strap that allows users to make calls by simply placing their fingertips to their ears. It’s as simple as that. Users would need to connect the strap to their smartwatch in order to get started.

Calls can be answered by simply placing your fingertip on the ear while speaking through the embedded microphone.

Sgnl smart strap will work with Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Pebble Time

The smart strap works with a regular watch as well, not just the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Pebble Time. Additionally, Sgnl should also be compatible with Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Gear S3.

The main advantage to Sgnl is that you can keep the smartphone in your pocket and simply raise your hand in order to answer a phone call. It seems that the finger will transmit the sound and the smart strap has the ability to block out background noise.

The strap could come in handy when practicing various activities, like cycling or running, since you don’t have to take out your phone or tap the screen of a smartwatch. In addition, you shouldn’t worry about other people listening in on your conversation, since the sound is contained in your ear.

Sgnl makes use of Bluetooth to receive the voice signal from your phone. The smart strap will generate vibration to your fingertip and there’s no risk of harm to the human body. There’s also a Sgnl app that makes it easy to monitor call frequency and set reminders to place calls.

The app comes with activity tracking and smart alerts, so that you don’t miss important alerts. The smart strap will be made available in three colors, black, blue and white. It will be compatible with Android 4.4 or newer and iOS 8 or newer.

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Sgnl smart strap for placing calls
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