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Samsung phones don't have a notch and they never will, the company promises
   Samsung phones don't have a notch and they never will, the company promises

Samsung is one of the companies that have pledged not to offer notches on its phones, and this approach kind of limits the options for improvements in terms of front-facing cameras on future models.

Since the world’s slowly migrating to 3D sensing facial recognition and similar features, Samsung too has to follow the trend, and the anti-notch push certainly sounds like a bad idea now.

While some companies have decided to go for pop-out cameras that slide out from the top of the phone, Samsung wants to use a completely new concept that would essentially let it offer all the features of an iPhone XS, for instance, without compromising the front layout.

Coming in 2020 the earliest

And it all comes down to cameras integrated right into the screen, an idea that the company is currently exploring with a few prototypes, if a report that’s making the rounds these days is to be believed.

Certainly, we’re still in the early days of this concept, but Samsung thinking about it is a sign that the company is already looking into ways to improve its phones without turning to one of the two design approaches mentioned above.

At this point, it’s believed that this new technology, if it indeed receives the go-ahead and passes the prototype stage, could make it to the market with the release of Samsung Galaxy S11. That’s 2020 the earliest, though there’s a bigger chance that some sort of delay would happen, meaning that a 2021 launch makes more sense.

What will be more interesting to observe is how Samsung will improve the next two or three generations of phones without actually turning to a notch, especially as more and more companies seem to embrace this design. The S10 is the next big release that the company is planning, and according to reports, it should see daylight in late January or early February.

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