New features coming to OneNote with the October 2018 update

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The October 2018 update for OneNote brings major improvements to the Windows 10, macOS, and web-based versions of the app.

First and foremost, Microsoft has improved the file syncing support in OneNote, so when attaching a file in a note, the most recent version would be used with the help of OneDrive uploads.

“Once your cloud attachment is on the page, OneNote will upload the file into OneDrive, which makes real-time editing and collaborating on the file easy. Your notebook will display a live preview if it is an Office document, so you can see changes made to the file in real time. For all other document types, the attachment will display a link, but because the files are uploaded to OneDrive, the link will always display the latest version of the file,” Microsoft explains.

OneNote Online improvements

Furthermore, Windows 10 and Mac users will also get an improved search option that allows them to look for tags in their notes. This means that it’ll be easier to find specific notes if you use to add tags when you create new entries.

OneNote Online will also receive support for inserting pictures from the camera. Obviously, camera access must be granted in your browser, but once you do this, the process works seamlessly and you can select photos right from the camera.

The emoji keyboard is now available for OneNote on the web, and so are options to customize AutoCorrect. You can adjust settings like replacing text as you type, capitalize the first letter of sentences, and other options that are typically available for an AutoCorrect engine.

Last but not least, OneNote online will offer easier sharing, so you can just right-click a section to share and hit the option called Copy Link to Section.

All these features are rolling out to users right now, and the online version of OneNote will be getting the improvements in the coming weeks.

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