It's based on Linux 4.19, but without proprietary code

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GNU Linux-libre 4.19 released
   GNU Linux-libre 4.19 released

With Linux kernel 4.19 hitting the streets, a new version of the GNU Linux-libre kernel is now available, version 4.19, based on the upstream kernel but without any proprietary drivers.

Based on the recently released Linux 4.19 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre 4.17-gnu kernel borrows all the new features, including the experimental EROFS (Enhanced Read-Only File System) file system, initial support for the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) wireless protocol, and mitigations for the L1FT and SpectreRSB security flaws.

While the GNU Linux-Libre 4.19 kernel comes with all these goodies found in the upstream Linux 4.19 kernel, it doesn't ship with proprietary code. Deblobbed drivers include Aspeed ColdFire FSI Master, MT76x0U and MT76x2U Wi-Fi, MTk Bluetooth UART, as well as Keystone and Qualcomm Hexagon Remoteproc.

Furthermore, the GNU Linux-Libre 4.19 kernel adds new blob names and updates existing ones for AMD GPU drivers, Adreno GPU drivers, brcmfmac wireless driver, Mellanox/mlxsw driver, Intel Skylake sound driver, and Silead touchscreen driver. It also silences several compiler warnings in the reject_firmware family of functions.

"The condition they reported would never arise in practice, so their presence is harmless, but even I, who'd written the code, was fooled the moment I saw them, so I figured I'd better fix them.  Other harmless warnings there still remain," said developer Alexandre Oliva in the mailing list announcement.

GNU Linux-Libre 4.19 kernel brings you 100% freedom for your PC

If you're looking to build a computer that runs 100% free software, you should install the GNU Linux-libre 4.19 kernel. It works with virtually any GNU/Linux distribution, as well as with the GNU Operating System. We find the GNU Linux-libre kernel a perfect replacement for the original Linux kernel found in your distro.

Unfortunately, the kernel that ships with your distro includes lots of proprietary drivers, most of which you don't need. So if you have hardware that doesn't require proprietary drivers, go ahead and download GNU Linux-libre 4.19 kernel right now through our website and install it on your favorite GNU/Linux disribution.

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