Volcano Models Point Out Hazards Where Sensor Sweeps Can't

Lava flows or not, those places can be nasty business

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Volcanoes are picturesque places when they're dormant, but not so much when they're active or even semi-active. Eruptions still happen today, and some are bad enough that they wipe out whole settlements.

Dr. Ian Saginor is an Associate Professor of Geology at Keystone College and a geochemist, geochronologist, and volcanologist.

He spent the past nine years studying volcanoes from all around the world, and specifically in Central America and the Caribbean.

His latest idea to help people deal with the dangers of volcanic areas is to 3D print models of the places in question.

These models could then impart all the information that hikers, surveyors and search & rescue crews could possible hope to receive about the trouble spots.

Models could also be disseminated through tourism-related shops so that citizens, too, may get themselves acquainted with the relevant information.

Saginor is seeking funding at present, to purchase a high quality 3D printer that would make the models cheap enough so that new ones could effectively be provided after every earthquake or eruption, and to account for resulting landslides and mudflows.

Even tsunamis are being considered, since they are a normal, if terrible, consequence of underwater eruption and seismic activity.

The 3D model of a volcano
The 3D model of a volcano

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A 3D printed volcano modelThe 3D model of a volcano
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