Toddler Gifted with New Hand by High Schoolers

It remains to be seen if he lasts without scratching it off

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Children can be remarkably akin to cats in how they can scratch off their caps and other clothing. Presumably, a prosthetic attachment would suffer the same treatment.

A two-year-old named Kaedon Olson will probably learn to appreciate the one that he recently received, though, from some students at Brenham High School.

He was born with his right hand not fully formed due to amniotic band syndrome, which caused him to become entangled in fibrous string-like amniotic bands in the womb while he was still a fetus.

The new hand may be made of plastic, but it has a good mechanical system that allows it to respond to Kaedon's wrist movements. It can grab objects and Kaedon is already using it to pick up snacks and cups instinctively.

The boy is not old or self-aware enough to realize how radically his predicament has changed, but his mother, Jeannette Olson, definitely is.

We just hope that the students who made the hand, or the mother herself, will be able to keep revising and changing the prosthetic as the boy grows. He will do of a lot of that over the next few years, and the hand will grow along, even if it never catches up with the rest of him.

Kaedon Olson
Kaedon Olson

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