The Building Monster Is on the Approach, Usurps the Kraken's Name

A new and unique 3D printer has been created

Feb 21, 2015 10:39 GMT  ·  By  · 

It is usually enough to give a product one unique trait in order to make it stand out, but a group of developers from Budapest, Hungary, decided to go a lot further than that.

Thus, they have created the Krak3n, a 3D printer which they call “The Building Monster” and designed in such a way that no linear cartridges are needed.

In fact, the Krak3n is fully modular, meaning that you can, say, exchange the single extruder for a dual extruder, or for a laser engraving module. Other than that, however, it won't need you to assemble anything. It will ship fully built.

The print bed is mobile and is automatically calibrated, while a technology called Printguard monitors the printing process and the materials. It will pause the print if the filament breaks or runs out, and allow for resuming once that problem has been addressed.

Even more interesting is that the Krak3n 3D printer can double as a 3D scanner if necessary.

Finally, there's a built-in HD webcam on the specification list, to allow you to monitor the printing process from another room or even from work or wherever else.

Sadly, no pricing or availability information is available, since the Krak3n is still a prototype. The second, but nevertheless a prototype. A Kickstarter campaign should be posted soon.

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