New Software Can Turn Smartphone Photos into 3D Sculptures

The program was developed by Neurotechnology

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Neurotechnology is the sort of name you would expect to see associated with research into the nervous system and how it determines behavior and personality, etc. This time, though, a product release has barely anything to do with those fields.

The company known as Neurotechnology which is headquartered in Lithuania actually specializes in precision imaging software, not neurological research.

That means that they are very good at taking pictures of whatever is on hand and process them in so many different ways as to be considered its own field of science.

Admittedly, the company isn't quite famous, especially on a global scale, but their newest software just got them on the global radar.

The SentiSculpt Software Development Kit (SDK)

The new software can take a smartphone or camera photo and transform it into a computer-aided design file, a 3D model as it were.

This can be good for virtual reality applications, as it allows people to simply take photos of things nearby and include them into a virtual 3D landscape at will.

Animators, designers and gamers alike are bound to appreciate this chance, even if practical applications take years to finalize.

Taking a single photo is not enough, but if you capture shots from several different angles, it should be enough to produce an accurate virtual representation.

In a way, this is a simplified version of the technology used in taking a panoramic shot, or in taking a 360-degree 3D scan of an object.

The software can go further and generate meshes or wireframes, even map textures. And it doesn't even take too strong a camera. Any 2-5 megapixel camera will do.

In addition to animators and gamers, sculptors can use the SentiSculpt to send sample images of their works to art galleries and museum curators in the hopes of getting a spot on the next exhibit or auction.

Extensions of SentiSculpt

Once a 3D model has been made, it is a simple matter to import it to a CAD program and modify it. This way, jewelry pieces and toys, or even art pieces, can be subtly modified or combined in order to create new objects. The problem of diminishing returns can be dodged entirely.

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