New 3D Printer Also Doubles as a Suitcase

You can take it with you on a trip quite easily

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3D printers are nifty little things (or very large things as the case may be), but if it's one thing they don't lend themselves easily to is transportation.

There are always exceptions though, and a man by the name of Jean-Luc Guillemette has just created the exception for the 3D printer market.

Called Case-Rap, the 3D printer can wrap up into a suitcase when you need to get on the move for whatever reason.

Say, having to go in the field somewhere. You can just pack up the Case-Rap and head over to whatever construction, exploration or disaster site you have in mind.

The Case-Rap is currently made out of an MDF box and otherwise works as normal, though the final design will be different.

For one thing, though he painted the MDF box blue, he says that it wasn't the best idea, as it can cause problems during a print job. The complete printer will be made of plywood instead, which will have the advantage of weighing less. It's also in line with Guillemette's current occupation as a carpenter.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell when the Case-Rap 3D suitcase printer will become up for sale, if it ever does. Odds are he will just leave it to Thingiverse users to download the plans and build one for themselves.

He suggests waiting until he has all the issues straightened out, but the project is already up there.

Case-Rap 3D printer (5 Images)

Case-Rap 3D suitcase printer
The handleThe good, the bad and the ugly all in oneThe inner parts
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