Nanoscribe Shows Why They're the Masters of Micro 3D Printing

This figure of a figure skater is only 3 mm tall

Feb 26, 2015 16:08 GMT  ·  By  · 

Most 3D printers create things on a relatively large scale, with layers of at least 100 microns, or sometimes 50 microns if we're talking about a particularly high-end consumer printer.

Some companies have been doing all possible to make 3D printing technology work on a micro scale, to create small objects without compromising details.

Nanoscribe is the most successful company in this field of research and development. In keeping with that reputation, they have introduced a 3 mm tall figure skater.

It's actually just a sample print of their 3D microfabrication technology though. Their technique combines 3D laser lithography and 3D printing.

Their 3D printer, called Photonic Professional GT 3D printer, can work in either one of two modes: microprinting and maskless lithography. The former does ultraprecise work and the other one favors speed.

The figure skater should be enough evidence towards the quality of the technology. Art isn't the focus of Nanoscribe though, not at present at least. Instead, the microfabrication technique is better suited for fields like optics, medicine, fluids and mechanics.

Then again, considering that Nanoscribe has been working on the technology for a decade, it is not such a shock to see such quality. This is one advancement that won't fall by the wayside.

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