Lenovo’s LaVie Z Ultrabooks Are Sleeker than the New Retina MacBook

Lenovo challenges Apple’s new slim laptop

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Lenovo might not be a company that is fast in providing software updates in the mobile department, but they sure do make nifty laptops.

Have you been mulling about the new, super thin and light MacBook with Retina display? Well, Lenovo is offering a worthy alternative to Apple’s latest and greatest laptop.

The company unveiled the LaVie Z lineup back at CES 2015, but only now are the two new notebooks available for purchase.

Lenovo is finally offering the LaVie Z family for purchase

We’re guessing you were amazed when Apple announced that its new MacBook weighed only 2.03 lbs / 0.927 kg, but wait until we tell you about the new LaVie Z laptops.

The standard one tips the scales at 1.87 lbs / 0.84 kg, while the more advanced model, which has a touchscreen and flappable hinge in the vein of the Yoga bunch, weighs 2.04 lbs. / 0.92 kg

Apart from being crazy thin, the two laptops are also extremely compact, measuring 12.56 x 0.67 x 8.35 mm / 0.49 x 0.026 x 0.32 inches.

Inside, things are much better than in the case of the new MacBook. Ditching the severely underpowered Core M processor, Lenovo embedded a fifth generation Core i7-5500U Broadwell CPU under the hood.

The rest of the spec list includes a 13.3-inch panel with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution (WQHD), up to 8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage.

Lenovo also throws in two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, combo headphone and mic jack, plus an SD card reader. The laptops also boast a dedicated charging port. As you probably know, the new MacBook takes advantage on a single port of the USB Type-C variety.

The producing company promises a battery life of up to 9 hours of work time. The two Lenovo models are currently up for grabs for a fairly steep price. The standard model goes on sale for $1,499 / €1,298, while the Yoga-like version will cost you $1,699 / €1,522.

Lenovo LaVie Z notebooks (4 Images)

Lenovo’s LaVie Z, standard version
Lenovo’s LaVie Z Ultrabooks are lighter than the new MacBookLenovo’s LaVie Z has two versionsLenovo’s LaVie Z, Yoga-style version
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